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i am not a stuffed tiger.


I'm not sure how I feel about this season of the o.c. -- first the Star Trek chick from Boston Commons shows up as a single white female-esque villain to balance out yet another two-dimensional school bad guy "Dean of Discipline" and then this week's show continues the tradition of ending the episode with an acoustic song rendition.

Last week's was "California", presumably Phantom Planet covering themselves. But this week's is some band's cover of "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea."


I did like how the "kids" ended their "give some cash to the hurricane victims" speech with a plz, thx.

update: the readers of You Ain't No Picasso say that the track is from Matt Pond, PA [#] and provide links to other Neutral Milk Hotel covers.


I'm liking this season so far. The Jeri Ryan plotline could turn out lame, but right now her motives are so hard to pin down that it's made me curious. I agree that the Dean of Discipline plotline is weird and two dimensional (why wouldn't Seth and Summer just go to the Asian principal lady and tell her this guy's being a harassing douche?), but I'm hoping it'll lead up to them finding out that DD is shacking up with Taylor "OMFGSOCRAZY" Townsend and he'll be sent packing. Two dimensional though it may be, that'll be satisfying.

Also, I admit that I got a little misty when Kirsten came home and they were all in the kitchen together. It's comforting to know the fam is back together again.

Yeah, I'm a sucker.
yeah. the DoD shacking up with Taylor is super-obvious and kind of unnecessary. I guess they need a bit of drama.

This calls for some Anna from Pittsburgh

The season has seemed odd, but I thought that was me coming from DVDs to commercial-infested-over-the-top-previews-of-next-week-dwell-for-a-whole-week-on-one-episode tv.

I'd hoped the dean was Taylor's dad and I'd missed that in the last episode, but apparently not. I actually don't mind the evil dean story. It's some fun where the other storylines aren't so much.

When the OC goes bad, it seems to be because of bad casting (the very forgettable Rebecca of last year, Oliver, etc.). I think Taylor and Jeri Ryan are bad casting decisions. That and it's a Marissa-centric season so far...I have Marissa issues.

Re: This calls for some Anna from Pittsburgh

I think you're right -- both about the bad casting and the Marissa-centricity. I think there's also something about Josh Schwartz not writing all of the episodes this season. Seth is somthing of a JS stand-in, and I think the show shines most when it's about him (or the Cohens in general).