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arcade fire: seattle is the next seattle

"I know this is an opera house, but we're running out of time; so let's get to know each other" -- Win Butler

Tonight's Arcade Fire show concluded with a really neat extended version of "In the Backseat" that brought almost all the members of the band on a parade through the audience & directly in front of me. After their exit walk across the floor and into the lobby, they came back inside and wandered among the stragglers.

So great, right?



So are you going to cement your new fan-boy status by heading to Vancouver on the 7th to see them?

I really doubt it. As fun as it would be, I think it might put me over the line into actual groupie. And I don't think I'm actually cut out for it. As much as I enjoyed last night's show, I noticed that there's something of a diminishing return on seeing the same band twice in a week. Maybe once one breaks through into true groupie status, one learns a whole new level of appreciation. I'm definitely not ready for that kind of dedication.