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Hi. I'm in New York. I just climbed to the top of a hill at the top of

Manhattan to visit the Cloisters.

By some twist of fate, I got a CMJ badge. Developing.


How was the Cloisters? I've always wanted to go because it's my mom's favorite spot in NYC and she's raved about it as long as I can remember, but it's never worked out any of the times I've been there. I'm just curious whether anyone else thinks it's as cool as she does. And more importantly, was it free and were there plenty of places to sit if need be? Did you pretend to be a priest or crippled (which would be a difficult one to pull off after climbing a tall hill)?

And also, thanks for the rsvp - I'm tied now!!!
It was pretty cool. And sort of weird (in that the actual building isn't old, just the things inside). The Unicorn tapestries were nice. So, I liked it, but probably not as much as your mom does.

It was not free, technically. They have suggested donation levels, and I complied, but I guess that you could probably get in without paying the person at the desk. Unfortunately, I left my priest costume at home because I didn't anticipate museum going. Now I know better and will just wear it everywhere.
welcome to new york.
thanks! it's pretty great, isn't it?

sorry that we didn't get to hang out. this trip was quickly planned within inches.
did you go see Laura? I DEMAND DETAILS!
I already had plans to see the arcade fire, who were playong at the same time as laura viers. I'm sorry to have missed her. But I really do like the arcade fire. And david bowie showed up for their encore.
Oh. Dude! Well, you can't miss that.
If it's any consolation, I'm choosing to believe that I saw her last night at Crooked Fingers.