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Fw: Constitution Day - September 17

Has anyone ever heard of Constitution Day? Apparently my university is required to celebrate it to keep its Federal funding.
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From: Registrar <registra@u.washington.edu>
Subject: Constitution Day - September 17
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 00:46:47 -0700

Dear student,

We look forward to your participation in the University of Washington community during autumn 2005.  UW offers a wide variety of learning opportunities.  We hope you will pursue many of them.

As a recipient of federal financial support, the University is required by Public Law 108-447 to provide an educational program on the U.S. Constitution as part of Constitution Day on September 17.  Since the University is not in session on the 17th, we will make a Constitution Day website available to you from September 12 - 23, 2005.  The site is up now at http://depts.washington.edu/constday [http://depts.washington.edu/constday].

The site provides an overview of the history of the Constitution and a brief discussion of current constitutional debates, as well as links to other pages that provide additional information and resources on the Constitution.  There is also a bibliography of popular references and a list of UW courses that address the Constitution.  In addition, the site contains links to three broadcasts on the Constitution to be available on Friday, September 16th:

1. Checks and Balances in the Age of Instant Messaging

2. Conversations with Supreme Court Justices 
3. NPR’s Justice Talking Live on Video 

For you crossword puzzle enthusiasts, look for the Constitution Day puzzle at our site and test your knowledge.

We encourage you to kick-off your autumn quarter studies early and visit the Constitution Day website.

Thank you,

UW Constitution Day

Is this the first Constitution Day ever? How have I missed out on the festivities for all these years? I do ♥ the Constitution.


this awesome website should answer any & all questions you may have regarding this awesome holiday:

so awesome! and apparently with a miniscule budget!
Don't worry, you don't have to celebrate the 1st amendment, it's not really in use any more.


maybe sufjan will write a song about it.
maybe an entire album dedicated to bureaucratic holidays!

Public Law 108-447

This, apparently, is a new law. We (at school) also have to celebrate it. All schools receiving federal funding do. So I'm not realyl sure if it's a new law or just one that is now being enforced.