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josh schwartz's kanye moment : bush doesn't like lesbian love scenes

Josh Schwartz on the abrupt eviction of Marissa's lesbian lover Alex (played by Olivia Wilde) and the entire subplot on the last season of the o.c.:
It was a battle, and The Powers That Be are part of a big corporation . . . they wanted that story wrapped up as fast as humanly possible and Alex moving on out of the OC. . . . But if you want Alex back, America -- you're going to have to VOTE BUSH OUT OF OFFICE. [espn]
Man. If only he'd told John Kerry pick up that as a campaign theme in 2004, we might be living in a really different America.


I know plenty of Republican men who're idealistic and outraged.... up until the point when you start threatening to take lesbian love scenes away. Then, somehow, their convictions and moral standings break down. Funny how that works!