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Dept. of ill informed criticism

In this/last week's new yorker:
[coldplay] has become the biggest band of the new decade by slightly refining the mopey, abstract sounds of bands like Radiohead
Discuss. Extra points for (1) guessing the last Radiohead album heard by the (unsigned) author, (2) identifying the origin of this too-frequent comparison.


I want to guess, but my indie cred is on the line!

indie cred

. . . because you're not willing to publicly admit your familiarity with the intricacies of Coldplay's albums?

Re: indie cred

Psh, whateva.

(Actually, I really like parachutes, but I haven't heard much of the other two albums. The last one didn't do it for me, and I haven't heard the newest.)

Re: indie cred

I agree. I think the main complaint is the similarity of all of their albums, and that if they're going to repeat themselves it should be better than parachutes.
Pablo Honey?
If so, that might be the answer to both (1) and (2).