josh (joshc) wrote,

day 2 - backdated

we go to the conference on time and stick around until lunch. for the most part, the talks are mildly interesting. we have lunch at Japanese buffet called Todai. even without eating any meat, good food is plentiful. evidently, they just opened a chain in Redmond. it might be worth a drive over for lunch (not dinner - supposedly too expensive).

continuing our trend of truancy, Nicole and I skip out for a little beach time after lunch and return for the late afternoon talks. I bought some ABC store goggles to look at the dead coral outside our hotel. yes. it was as ugly as it sounds. at the conference, there is a debate where both the pro and con had the same argument with different terminology. lovely.

the threat of rain. evidentially, it did rain at our hotel while I was internet cafe-ing.

tonight is the big fun ad-hoc trainee night out. during the day, we tried to invite random people from other schools to show up at moose mcgillicuddy's. some of us start (late) going to dinner at cha cha cha. they have the worst service ever. this is a Mexican restaurant that runs out of rice and substitutes extra beans. the waitress is barely apologetic. dinner takes forever and we are late for the event that we planned. unfortunately none of the other people showed up. my dream of making our training program famous for getting other students to go out and get trashed is crushed to tiny pieces.

the Seattle people have a good time though, and my heart mends a bit. walk home along the ocean leaves me soaked.

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