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the only earth?

lying liars : it depends on the definition of "heard"

During Dick Cheney's interview on CNN today:
Random Guy: Go fuck yourself Mr. Cheney. Go fuck yourself.

Reporter: Are you getting a lot of that, Mr. Vice President?

Cheney: It's the first time I've heard it. [jossip]

Seriously, it's the "first time [he's] heard it?" Doesn't he remember telling senator Pat Leahy to perform such an "anatomically impossible act" last year?


I'm kind of hoping now that a bunch of people will start saying that to him more often so he won't forget.
I think that would be an incredibly useful public awareness campaign.
I think he meant it's the first time he heard it on that particular block of the town he was in.
clearly, creative semantics are a critical part of holding elected office.