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drinking in the dark

fall semester in newport

. . . just when I thought I watched far too much television, I didn't even know that tonight is the season premiere of the the o.c. until I saw a post about it on seattlest.


Yeah, I just saw an ad for it last night, too. That one totally snuck up on me!
I guess I need to watch more FOX television programming. Or join the official the o.c. fanclub to stay up to date on this stuff.
Omg, I knew, but I had completely forgotten! And I won't be home tonight so I have to remember to set up a tape! Thank goodness you posted this! I like exclamation points!
it just seems way to early for new shows. esp. since fox usually starts late because of baseball championships.

not that I'm complaining.
I agree with this - I'm not sure how I knew the OC was coming on this week, but I did. Lucky for me the DVR would've caught it for me. But usually fox doesn't air new shows until Nov. or whatever!!

I'm a bit upset b/c Alias and the OC and Survivor and Everybody Hates Chris are all on Thursday night at 8:00??? What am I going to do?

Okay, I don't usually watch Survivor but I was intrigued with it being in Guatemala. And Everybody Hates Chris just looks hilarious.

And Alias is sure to suck this year. But I just don't know. . .

I'm a freak!
that is a kind of crazy conglomeration of shows in one timeslot. I guess maybe I'm willing to let Alias die quietly or just watch when the o.c. is in re-runs.
Yeah, I'm pretty certain that I'm not going to be able to let Alias die quietly. I love that show! !
exclamation points are 100% awesome!! especially for use on the internet!!! and in email!!