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wizardrock, t-shirt, ghost

t-shirt benefit

threadless.com is selling a katrina benefit t-shirt [#] -- they're donating $20 for every $10 t-shirt sold (up to $50,000). While this seems like voodoo economics, it also seems like a good way to help out even if you're not completely in love with the design.

A word of warning: when wearing a threadless t-shirt there's always the possiblity that you'll run into someone else in memorial stadium at an Elvis Costello show. He'll flash the design on his shirt when he sees your polar bear shirt and expect to have a t-shirt geek moment. Just go with it and move on.

This might also happen when you're wearing a Harry and the Potters T-shirt, too.
katrina benefit shirt
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T-shirt geek moment.

That happened to me at the san diego comic con.

Re: T-shirt geek moment.

at least this guy wasn't (un-ironically) wearing a "life's great : fish naked" t-shirt.

Re: T-shirt geek moment.

I guess some people are very into their t-shirts. I really like certain Ts, but I usually forget which one I'm wearing until someone mentions it.

you're welcome

they hit their 50K in < 48 hours; now it's switched to $10/shirt instead of $20.
Just got mine! It's really well done.