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ipod madness!

er, in addition to the hot new iPods from the future, you can now get a special edition Harry Potter iPod with over 99 hours and $249 worth of the U.S. audio versions of the books. [apple]

Kind of weird, right? Does this mean that Harry Potter is the new U2? And wouldn't it be better if it also included all of the Harry and the Potters CDs?


Whoa, expensive.
super expensive, esp. for people who might already have the audio versions!
Ok so that is completely weird, but also completely awesome, and sort of really makes me wish I didn't already have an iPod.
it's always a good time to buy a new iPod -- why not add it to your wedding registry?

although, it's kind of weird that they only seem to be offering it for the 20 GB edition.
If it was possible to add it to any of the registries we have, it would already be on there. Maybe I need a new Apple registry...

Yeah, if there were a 40 GB version I would be awfully tempted to buy that for myself and then give my old one to Jason or something. But I already have over 20 GB on mine even without HP audio books, so it wouldn't be the smartest thing ever to buy this one.

I did tell Jason that if for some strange reason he felt the need to buy me a wedding gift, that I had a great idea of what he could buy!