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kexp morning at night

If this isn't one of the most exciting lineups of the fall, I don't know what is:
Oct 1st Nuemo's: John in the Morning at Night [kexp]
The National
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
John Vanderslice (solo)
Math and Physics Club [ticketswest]

I bought a ticket last night and was surprised that it hadn't sold out. Anyone else going?


when i've seen two of the bands already and a third is playing the crocodile two nights before, twenty bucks just seems like a lot of money. and i am not the only person among my friends who thinks so. (and i mean, i realize this is stupid, that i will pay fifteen dollars with no problem, but twenty seems craaaaaazy.)

also, there's something about neumo's that makes my legs ache starting halfway through an average show, and my feet — no matter which shoes i wear — hurt so bad by the end i can hardly stand it. going to a show that's about double-length? oh, i'd never make it.
Normally I'd be with you about the $20 crazy ticket price, but it's for a benefit and I don't donate to KEXP, I really wanted to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, I didn't know that CYHSY were playing at the Crocodile the night before, and it is a lot of good bands on the lineup instead of one good band and a couple unknown openers.
CYHSY is at the croc the night before? i didn't know that — the national is there on the 29th, although i think i am almost definitely passing that up to see four tet at neumo's anyway.

but now i'm definitely not going to the kexp thing.
yes (I thought that's what you were trying to tell me!) -- they're playing before the National.

ack. I didn't remember/know about four tet. I would definitely like to see him too.
oh wait, they're opening for the national? 'cause OH MAN, that makes this decision a lot harder.

much as i really, really do love four tet, his last album isn't my favorite or even close to it.
and by "the night before" I obviously meant Thursday September 29th.