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hurricane katrina is president bush's monica lewinsky

Jon Stewart is back from vacation!


I thought that entire episode was brilliant and the tone was perfect. Still some jokes, but you could see that not far beneath it he was seething. Especially in the second section when that lady in the yellow jacket talked about the levees breaking. I kept waiting for Stewart to break out in his trademark grin after it, but he didn't. He just cut to commercial. It summed the whole thing up really well.


I thought Wednesday's show was absolutely hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing. And GO JON for having Brian Williams on Thursday.
Except Bush's cum-stained dress is 10,000 dead bloated Americans floating down the Mississippi.
I think Stewart went with the ". . . but Monica Lewinsky's vagina was not filled with . . . " construction, but that's nice, too.

oh, I wish I had seen it!

Damn school for coming back into session. Now I can't stay up until 11 to see Jon Stewart anymore. Sigh. Did anyone tape this?

Re: oh, I wish I had seen it!

check the daily show website, they usually put clips up within a day of the show.

Re: oh, I wish I had seen it!

Maybe I'll just ask my friend Ed. He's on the show, after all. I should use that resource more often...

Re: oh, I wish I had seen it!

That's a much fancier option!