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Bumbershoot : Sunday

Sunday was Go to Bumbershoot Early Day because the Decemberists had the first performance of the day on the Mainstage. This seemed like a crazy idea certain to leave the stadium underfilled, but the indie kids turned out in droves. At first, I assumed that they were all staking out places for Dashboard Confessional, but there was an appropriately massive turnover between bands. In preparation for the band, I consumed a large amount of shortcake, berries, and whipped cream.

The Decemberists started by playing the Tain [$], a five-part conceptual work based on a Celtic myth cycle. Kind of a crazy way to start a festival performance, right? Of course, they went on to play the good old songs about dead babies, prostitutes, and soliders; so everyone went home happy.

Of course, none of us wanted to admit to seeing Dashboard Confessional; so it was on to other attractions. Carole and I went to hear the Charming Snakes, who made the wise choice of using the EMP's gigantic light system to show Ghostbusters during their set.

We then set upon a quest for ears of corn drenched with butter and various seasonings. No Bumbershoot weekend is complete without corn, is it? I would like to call this corn on a stick, but is corn on a stalk more appropriate?

With our stomachs filled with buttery kernels of corn, we decided that watching short films was a good option. By the time we got into the theater, the audience was wrapping up a discussion about taxidermy and preparing for a showing of films from the 1-Reel Challenge. This year, the filmmakers worked around the theme of "Are you Fucking Kidding Me?" and came up with mixed results. Of the eight films, at least two were "good".

We skipped the Q&A and visited the apple pie stand and the Flatstock exhibit, where I bought another poster [gp]. I originally had this idea that I should diversify and stop buying so many Heads of State posters, but they're just so good that not buying them seems crazy.

Speaking of crazy, after the posters we went to see Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Every year, it seems like there's a new winner for Most Insane Line In Bumbershoot History. This year, the gigantic snaking like to get into Exhibition Hall for Ted Leo won the prize. Out of spite and a spirit of scientific inquiry, we decided to join the line somewhere near the Western exit of the festival (map [lj]). Despite all appearances of futility, we managed to get inside by the second song. This is because most of the people in line were staking out a spot to see Flogging Molly nearly three hours before showtime.

Ted Leo was worth the not-so-bad wait, but after the show I decided that I was filled with as much bumbershooting as I could take for one weekend and decided to meet the pub quiz gang for our regular bout of trivia humiliation rather than meeting Whitney for an evening with Iggy and the Stooges. The hosts at the Irish Emigrant must be unionized, because they were taking the day off for Labor Day. So, we went down the street to Finn Maccool's instead. Although we did well, we still were no match the hordes of rowdy collegiate trivia masters.

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