josh (joshc) wrote,

bumbershoot recap : sunday

I went to Bumbershoot on Sunday afternoon for a couple hours to see Math and Physics Club, who are a Belle & Sebastian-like band, playing at the EMP. Stuck outside waiting, I overestimated their quietness because the speakers on the Live Videotron were off. Once I made it inside I found that they lived up to their reputation for cuteness.

Rather than leave the building to face another line, I camped out and played games on my sidekick until it was time to listen to Headphones. I don't know if they're really like Pedro the Lion, but they're definitely representative of the mopey vocals + electronics + drums genre. Not that that's a bad thing.

Since I was planning to go home for the afternoon, I paid a visit to the Flatstock exhibit and drooled over all of the awesome posters. Even though I don't really have the wallspace, I bought one to take home to put into the rotation. You can see it here [gigposters]. Perhaps I would have been able to restrain myself, but while I was inside Fisher Pavillion, there was a bit of a downpour and all of the poster goodness went to my head.

When the rain stopped, I went home, and then to a BBQ of sorts with out-of-town visitors Whitney and Jami. Drumsticks and fake burgers were on the menu along with wine, giant sausages and cheese-filled hot dogs. However, the rain clouds killed the sunset watching experience.

Soon, night fell and it was time to hike back to Seattle Center to see Elvis Costello. The stadium grounds were squishy but we soldiered on to the stage area. Luckily, we had the privilege of standing right behind a double-threat that guy -- a screamer and a dancer. He really loved Elvis, but had some trouble doing his spinning moves. Further ahead, a bird person held his cockatoo above the crowd so that it could do it's own awesome dance maneuvers, which kind of put large tie-dye guy to shame.

I think that Elvis thought that it was raining on us, since the front of the stage was still dripping from the afternoon rain storm. He did a lot of pacing and peering out over the edge of the stage to assess the crowd between songs. Maybe he was trying to spot the idiots that insisted on talking loudly during ballads.

Anyway. Good times, followed by yet another visit to the Comet.

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