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lazyweb: audio tech support?

Does anyone have the capability of turning the two parts of the digital camera handheld video by Jami Attenberg (whatever-whenever.net) of Death Cab for Cutie covering "Hungry Like the Wolf" with special guests Daniel Handler and M. Doughty [mb_seattle] into one audio file? I feel like this would not be complicated given the right software.

update: It looks like this will not be difficult with the newer version of iMovie. Developing.

update: "Hungry Like the Wolf" [mp3]

update: iMovie is pretty cool. Streaming video [mov]


psst.... the "mp3" link on metblogs goes to a mov file. the one here works. (thanks!)
thanks -- i'm such a bad 'blogger.
pshaw! you got on stereogum!
yow! does that count as an A-list link?

post a link plz?

great iMovie-making

"wow, guess this site doesnt suck after all"

mike doughty kinda looks like you.

Re: "wow, guess this site doesnt suck after all"

it's nice that I single-handly redeemed stereogum for that person.

not sure how to take the m. doughty comparison...

Re: "wow, guess this site doesnt suck after all"

gives you that warm feeling, doesn't it?

take it as a compliment
omg, you're *so famous*!


You probably know this already, but Mike Doughty linked to you on his blog, too! (http://www.mikedoughty.com/blog/archives/000292.html)

I'd call that an A-list link, but I looooooove him, so I may be biased.