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also -- go bulldogs!

Tonight, members of my high school class are re-uniting in Michigan. Get in on the fun by viewing http://vhs95.org/ . You can even set up an account and post a fake profile!


I always wished that I had attended a Michigan high school. Now I can live out my dream. By the way, we're having brunch tomorrow morning (like the good ole days) and you're invited. So, you should probably get on the red eye if you want to make it here by 11am. P.S. Don't be late. Ellen, Chris, Steven, Kailyn and Al will be so excited to hear that you can make it!! :)
Fuck. I missed my flight. Maybe I'll go sit at Louisa's and pretend that everyone is there.
good idea. did you see us there? probably not because we were at some little french place in chelsea. Ellen says you're coming to visit maybe. you should totally come!!! Then you really could go to brunch!

I'll be there next Wednesday. We should definitely bruch it up for old time's sake.