josh (joshc) wrote,

day 1 ~ truancy

Nicole and I skipped out on the middle of the conference to catch some sun and sand. I think this is in the best interest of me paying attention to some presentations. going to uninteresting things is simply counterproductive when the ocean is just a few blocks away from the conference center.

on the sunscreen front - I missed a few spots. The places where I have mini-sunburn are rather humorous. elbow, top of right hand, tops of my feet. it doesn't really hurt and could be much worse. I am generally unable to tan properly so I have few expectations for this trip.

talking to others, I realized that my motivations for using sunscreen aren't the same as other people. At the top of my list preventing pain, followed by avoidance of looking stupid. Next up: preventing premature aging and then skin cancer. not exactly with the public health / preventive medicine mindset.

we had drinks with a giant group from the CHRU at our hotel on the beach. pretzels and fruity drinks with a table full of scientists. not as horrible as it sounds. after a certain group size the whole thing is really unmanageable. after that, a subset of the group went to duke's. walking down the beach to find food is an incredibly nice way to spend the evening. I am intensely grateful to any server of 19 people. others aren't so flexible. getting a table in under thirty minutes was enough to make me love the place. getting all of the orders right and on time is icing at that point.
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