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the only earth?

fuzzy maths

There's more retarded alt-weekly fighting on the Stranger's weblog today. In posts about the impeding takeover of the Seattle Weekly by (another) alt-weekly conglomorate, Dan Savage ridicules the assertion that the Stranger is "smaller" than the Village Voice Media owned Seattle Weekly on the basis that the Stranger's Bumbershoot guide has more pages than the one published by Seattle Weekly.

Honestly, I like the content in the Stranger much better and haven't read the Weekly since the Metblogs Weekly Weekly Recap went on summer break. I even tried to volunteer for an internship at the Stranger. I'm just surprised that they aren't embracing the "smaller, locally controlled" labeling. At least I'd think that they would be on the general side of anti-media consolidation, but I guess this is in line with the whole dancing on Tablet's grave theme from earlier this week.

Or maybe page-count is actually the only relevant variable when discussing media size.


  • earlier this year, the Guardian wrote about U.S. alt-weeklies [#]
  • the Boston Phoenix on the possible effects of the merger [#]


Actually the relevant variable is how many people can you get to pay to advertise smut in your back pages.
They already had an online skirmish about that section last month!