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I went to the Mariners game tonight, we sat in the upper deck and I ate pad thai for dinner because why not eat non-traditional baseball park food when you're at Safeco field? There were a couple of really great developments that I noticed at tonight's excursion: (1) the Mariners beat the Yankees and (2) they stopped singing "God Bless America" during the seventh inning stretch.

If ballpark protocol keeps going in this direction, it's only a matter of time until they get rid of the stupid boat race.


but did you have a shiskaberry?
Of course not!

But I was happy to tell my friends about their ridiculous name and the dingleberry option. Once again, the livejournal pays off!
whoa, whoa whoa. what is this crazy talk about getting rid of the boat race??

I happen to know that even though it has crappy graphics and the results are predetermined, some people really enjoy screaming "yellow! yellow! yellow!" or "come on red! it's gonna be red! yeah red!" and then dancing around when their computer generated hydro boat thing wins, splashing their beer on the LOSERS around them.

Not me of course....but I know people who really like that part of a Mariners Game.
I've been convinced that the hat game has merits, but I'm still not sold on the boats.
That hat game only requires that you don't blink. That's painful. I'd choose boats over hats any day.