josh (joshc) wrote,

weekend items

Friday happy hour was on the patio of a pizza place in upper Fremont, which sort of felt like being in a different country or city. The location, not the restaurant exactly. After a few hours of trying the waitress's patience, we departed to spend time at the Trabant Chai Lounge where we found a game called Ginnykub, the result of genius idea to combine scrabble and the not-particularly-popular Rumikub into one weird game.

When we made our way through the game and some singer-songwriter entertainment, it was time to go see Red Eye. If this were intended to be a comedy, I could maybe understand why it has gotten so many good reviews -- we were laughing out loud throughout. I think that critics just can't get past their love for Rachel McAdams (see the two thumbs up from Ebert & Roeper). The movie was ridiculous and horrible.

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