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myspace credwatch : sunday styles

Wow. It's been a bad year for MySpace's underground credibility -- first it was bought by News Corp and now it's profiled in the "Sunday Styles" section:
The founders spread the word about MySpace through friends and anyone they happened to meet in Los Angeles at bars, nightclubs or rock shows. "Since we're telling people in clubs - models - suddenly everyone on MySpace looks really pretty," recalled Mr. Anderson, who with his trucker hat and sideburns looks as if he could be gigging in a club himself later on. [nyt].

Really, I just like to make fun of it because I don't use myspace and have only two people in my "friend space", one of whom is the site's founder. I think my y.a.s.n.s. love will always belong to good old friendster.

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I know about myspace from you, from Harry and the Potters, and from BNL - they have a site and a few of them have sites for their solo projects.

So I mentioned (at the Saucer the other day) how I overheard these two high schoolers talking at the grocery store, one the cashier and the other the bagger. The bagger said 'do you go to Green Hope (High School)?' and the other said 'yeah'. And the bagger said "Oh, I saw your myspace" and I just rolled my eyes and moved on.

When I told this story to people while at the Saucer, they were like "wha?!?" - they had never heard of myspace. I just thought it was something everyone knew about. Apparently, I was wrong.