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more killing yourself to live

Since I was kind of dismissive of the Chuck Klosterman book in my post last night, here's an experiment to highlight some of the interesting pages from Chuck Killing Yourself to Live [update: it seems like the links expire, but the book is still searchable.]

  • A discussion about the difference between marijuana people and cocaine people, illustrated through fans of Creedence Clearwater Revival and Interpol, takes place around on page 37 [amazon, search inside for "interpol"]

  • An explanation of why Led Zeppelin will always be the the most popular rock band of all time occurs on page 198 [amazon, "search inside" for zeppelin] almost made me regret my refusal to even consider liking old music. Maybe my few days of Led Zeppelin obsession are still on the horizon.

  • A section about the Cobain suicide gets going around page 223 [amazon, search inside for cobain]. His thesis is that Kurt Cobain's death incited a huge reverse engineering in the way people perceived themselves. Even though I think he has a point, I still felt sad about it when reading it.
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