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i am not a stuffed tiger.

everything is illuminated trailer

The trailers for the film version of Jonathan Safran Foer's Everything Is Illuminated [$] (September 2005) are now online [apple], with link to flash-heavy official site]. Is it just me, or do they seem mildly spoilery? It's been a while since I read the book, but from the preview it looks like the movie is going to be mostly about the Jonathan narrative.


That looks like it'd be a good movie, despite it being spoiled a tad...
How spoilery it is depends on how they're handling the second (/first?) storyline. I seem to remember the resolution of the Brod story as being really dramatic in the book.
oh hmm. it sounds like an interesting book, i haven't read it.
It's one of my favorite books. [amazon]
I saw these trailers just after finishing the book and I was sorely disappointed. The book is filled with all of these wonderful mystical stories that aren't part of the JSF timeline! And the movie appears to just turn Alex into comic relief.
I'm hoping that the preview isn't representative of the whole movie, because I agree that without the non-JSF timeline the book is much less special.


The tour guide character should have been played by Ali G. And I was picturing someone older (looking) for JSF's character.

Re: A.C.E.?

Elijah Wood is about four years younger than Jonathan Safran Foer, the author. But the book was published four years ago (2001); so maybe he's the right age for the J.S.F. character.

The guy playing Alex is from gogol bordello. Sascha Baron Cohen would have been funny, but Borat is from Kazakhstan, not the Ukraine.

Re: A.C.E.?

But still, I had pictured JSF being a more mature person during his trip.

Re: A.C.E.?

interesting. I guess maybe I didn't think about it because JSF is my age.
how strange. i've been wanting to read it for so long. and then a copy of it arrived for me in the mail today as a gift from my mother.
the movie looks wrong to me, too bright somehow.
although I haven't been to eastern europe, I definitely didn't think of it as so bright and sunny either.
hmm. i'm disappointed, just as i thought i would be, but i can't quite seem to put my finger on it.

agreed...i hope the trailer isn't representative of the film as a whole. i might cry, otherwise.