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seeing other people

Reading Steven Johnson's story [discover] about dodgeball reminded me that I signed up for the service a long time ago and never used it.

Maybe this is because I'm not so sure I'm keen on knowing where 2nd degree contacts are in relation to me. Although it does seem passive enough that it might be the sort of thing that I'd like.

Is anyone using it? Do you like knowing who you know in a ten block radius?


i think the idea behind it is really neat, and it's an interesting way to potentially meet the people in your neighborhood who would otherwise just be nameless faces to you.

in practice, it seems like it would be awful. and i suspect the more popular it gets, the more irritating it will be. if there's anything the friendsfriends feature for paid LJ accounts has taught me, it's that most of my friends are pretty cool, but most of their friends really suck. (i mean, uh, not including me. cough.)
yeah. I just can't imagine knowing whether to take any of the theoretical messages seriously. Showing up someplace where someone's friends are supposedly hanging out would be beyond weird.