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seeing other people

Reading Steven Johnson's story [discover] about dodgeball reminded me that I signed up for the service a long time ago and never used it.

Maybe this is because I'm not so sure I'm keen on knowing where 2nd degree contacts are in relation to me. Although it does seem passive enough that it might be the sort of thing that I'd like.

Is anyone using it? Do you like knowing who you know in a ten block radius?


I signed up, but I've never used it. Because 1)the people I know and want to hang out with are generally in only a handful of places and if I want to see them i can call/text. 2) It would probably crush my productivity to know that friends are mere blocks away having fun, while I'm up to my elbows in dirty dishes or laundry or whatever. 3) I don't want to deal with any potential "why didn't you come hang out?" drama that could be stirred up by my staying put. 4) If I'm already out with a friend, I'm out with a friend and I'd feel rude to be asking others to come along/giving the impression that i'm looking for something better.

All of this is probably because I'm just too old.
I think their useful idea is the friends-of-a-friend (whose # you might not have) in your radius, except everyone seems pretty horrified about actually using that feature.

the whole thing would probably make me even more paranoid about strangers than usual.

i barely want to see my friends that often.

plus, i feel weird when I'm at a party and I recognize half the crowd from their LJ userpics. Those half-aware, awkward introductions are becoming all too commonplace in my life these days.

Re: i barely want to see my friends that often.

the site is probably more adopted in cities that don't celebrate their introversion.

Re: i barely want to see my friends that often.

livejournal celebrity is incredibly rough.

Re: i barely want to see my friends that often.

i've seen you places before, too!