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seeing other people

Reading Steven Johnson's story [discover] about dodgeball reminded me that I signed up for the service a long time ago and never used it.

Maybe this is because I'm not so sure I'm keen on knowing where 2nd degree contacts are in relation to me. Although it does seem passive enough that it might be the sort of thing that I'd like.

Is anyone using it? Do you like knowing who you know in a ten block radius?


I haven't signed up yet because I haven't had a cell phone that really supported it, but when I get my new one early next week I'll probably join.

Does the 2nd degree contacts feature mean that friends of friends - people you potentially don't even know - will be able to know when they're close to you? If so, is there a way to disable that/
I really don't know. I'd guess there must be some sort of setting somewhere, but I haven't done anything with my account.