josh (joshc) wrote,

CHRU beach house

Everyone is thrilled with our suite. it is spacious and full of amenities. there are two balconies, a blender, rice cooker, giant televisions, etc.

the luau feels like your parents' parties. well, it's what I imagine children of the 50's felt like at their parents' theme parties. not that it wasn't fun for what it was. I have a feeling that authentic was an overstatement.

all of the Seattle people were sitting on the grass due to a lack of tables. such hippies. the roasted pig was surprisingly inoffensive.

bruce and david and endlessly entertained by the trainee sleeping situation. i'm the only boy in the room. scandalous!

after the luau we made an attempt at a mai-tai party. people were generally tired after 24 hour days and rum only contributes to the feeling of sleepiness. but we did make use of the blender with the prepackaged mr & mrs t mixers.

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