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"I'm a blogger. I blog out"


I am now accepting pre-orders for this T-shirt, inspired by an article in today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer titled "From Seattle's lively blogosphere, a group is born" [pi].

I think that getting them screenprinted at Oneoff Clothing would probably be much nicer than doing it at CafePress.

update: what does 'blogging out' mean to you? please share your definitons and real life examples!



Hee , that's a great shirt. I bet it will sell very well.

From the article :
"Important. Have a focus."

Oh yeah. That.
all of the advice is hilarious -- have boundaries in the free-for-all world!
Can you please give me an example of s.o. "blogging out"?

i'm not hip to the new fangled slang

s.o. = someone?

Re: i'm not hip to the new fangled slang

In this context, yes. Also used as "significant other".

Re: i'm not hip to the new fangled slang

I'm not sure I have an example of someone or a significant other actually 'blogging out'. Maybe the reporter at the P-I observed some at the meetup?

blogging out?


although he's a few weeks late for the bumvertising trend.
or maybe 'blogging out' is more about posting a weblog entry with hundreds of not completely relevant links?

http:// www.seattlest.com /archives/2005/08/25/movies_in_bars.php

I think that this is a term that demands definition!
Yes, that post is a prime example of blogging out.

Nice job obfuscating the link to your competitor's site, btw.


The nonlink was more about my discomfort with trackbacks.
also: I think it's bad karma to think of web-logging as a competition.
that's exactly what the losing blogger would say.
the blogger who thinks of blogging as a contest has already lost.
ok yoda
sorry. it's all a rich tapestry.


just a thought

Perhaps those links are relevant to individuals with a sense of humor.

Re: just a thought

I'm willing to admit that I have strong and possibly weird opinions about hyperlinks.


I kinda parsed it as a play on "Log Out," though why it wouldn't have been Log in (Blog In) escapes me. Darn that MainStreamMedia!

it's just so great that the P-I's way of introducing weblog tools is to put them under a giant "BLOGGING OUT" headline.

Maybe I should just make some T-shirts and take them to weblogger meetups to try to make some extra money.
It reminded me of this shirt...

"I'm A Rocker. I Rock Out."

(It's by American Apparel, but their babydolls aren't, yay. Don't have that one, but I have a bunch of their others. I'd wear "I liked you better before you sold out" when I see Death Cab except for the part where I might have to repeatedly say it's a joke and/or that I mean them, not the band)

Google gave me over 74,000 hits for a "blog out" search. If I mentioned merely one or two examples of the term, I would risk hurting the feelings of oh so many who had blogged their hearts out, possibly much more so than those I mentioned. Sorry. Blog on.
yeah. it was definitely inspired by that Rocker t-shirt. I'm surprised that you aren't a fan of American Apparel t-shirts. I think that their T-shirts are awesome, but maybe that's just me and the men's medium. I submitted the design to threadless; so who knows -- it may actually be printed (but not on AA shirts).

Maybe blogging out is a state of mind.
Ah, cool. Diesel Sweeties is great. It's not the quality of American Apparel I fault; I've never bought one of their shirts so no opinion there. It's an ethics thang (they seem to engage in a lot of behaviour I don't want to support, like union-busting, racial and sexual discrimination, and sexual harassment). Good luck with threadless; that's awesome! (if it's printed, I think the girls would get an American Apparel version, though maybe that isn't automatic. If it is, some headstrong anti-AA girls might opt for the guys version. :) )