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odds against

I sort of understand the backwards "R" in Toys "R" Us; much of their target audience is pre-literate. But the Target site, oddsagainstseven is meant to inspire pre- or current college students to buy things for their collegiate lives by getting them to watch movies and download indie rock music and ringtones and podcasts from a website.

So what's up with the dyslexic logo?
odds against seven
For extra credit: compare and contrast with Target's other advertising strategies, including the takeover all of the ad space in last week's New Yorker.


They're targeting today's rebellious youth. They're going about it all wrong though... their slogan should be, "We're Not Wal-mart"
Nevermind... I just went to the website. No one is going to fall for that except for 12 year olds and 40-something year old parents who try to be "hip" or "with it" and try to use oddsagainst7even as a conversation starter with their teenage children.
Yup . It's the new appeal to Punk Rock. They are trying to look like Conflict or all these bands from the early 80's. It's so fucking infuriating and . Annoying.
If I were you I woulda stolen their bandwitdth...
I think the logo is part of a flash interface; so it wouldn't have been easy to steal.
Every time I see commercials for that website it makes my brain hurt.
no matter how many times i try, i still read that as "odds against 7 even".
the odds/even split is just too strong.

because #s as letters is 1337?

it's just all around horrible. i want it to be a recursive acronym, but it just isnt.

maybe they wanted to use odds against se7en, but were afraid of getting in trouble with the owners of the David Fincher film?

Re: because #s as letters is 1337?

sorry I should have written B1ff?