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drinking in the dark


I don't consider myself patriotic or homophobic, but I really really hate this rainbow US flag.

I think it's just the horrible design.


fun fact: I don't think I've ever managed to stay awake for an entire episode of studio360. the upside is that listening to it keeps me from developing an addiction to sleeping pills. (I don't dislike the show)

rainbow: Maybe a case could be made that the field for the stars is meant to approximate indigo. But I would not make that case, because the lack of coordination between the field and the stripes is one of the minor reasons that I hate that flag.
No, the GLBT rainbow is just 6 colors. They each have some sort of meaning, too. I blame the boyscouts for this last part.
that guy's voice is just so soothing. i can usually stay awake but often zone out.

what you didn't note is that lovely display is all too near one of your primary routes, so you walk by it all the time. you could start walking a different way just to avoid it? but then you couldn't enjoy the annoyance.
I often consider walking on Thomas instead of Harrison to avoid seeing it. For a while, they took it down; so I thought I was safe. Then it came back with the Canadian reinforcement.