josh (joshc) wrote,

following the rules: the day the funerals died

I think there is some sort of law for people who have weblogs or internet journals to make a post to say that they did or did not watch the final episode of Six Feet Under last night on HBO. To keep the authorities at bay, I will now reveal that I watched it and thought that it was pretty good and that the last ten minutes were kind of weird but not completely unexpected given the history of the series.

That said, the extra fifteen minutes is bound to overshadow the hour of really nice work that came before them. Mostly, because I think that the final sequence raised unreliable narrator issues instead of providing closure, which may or may not have been the intention.

update: maybe or maybe not. Heather Havrilesky's interpretation was the same as mine [salon], but there are obituaries on the official site [hbo]. hmm.
Tags: hbo, television
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