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chair, apartment

saturday: games instead of movies

Riding down Greenwood away from game night at Rachel & Jon's, I'm in the number #5 bus thinking about Geoffrey Feiger's disastrous attempt at stopping John Engler from winning a third term as Michigan's governor. I'm reminded of the aspect of his campaign that involved comparing the state's roads to that of a third world country, because that is exactly how I feel about this particular part of the bus route.

I'm getting carsick trying to read the new Chuck Klosterman book while a pair of other passengers discuss how the new Nas album is pretty fucking great. And I don't usually get carsick, unless I'm on a road trip and my friend Jeff is driving; so this construction zone seems pretty serious.

Eventually, though, smoother pavement allows me to read a few more pages. Switching buses downtown, I'm surprised not by how deserted the retail core is, but about how the air smells of fish.

Anyway. Game night was fun. Elena and Jon were baking pies when I arrived. Later, we played Settlers of Catan and Carolyn and I were thwarted by the dice's ignorance of the rules of probability. Although we started the game by foolishly building a road to nowhere, we were mainly undone by what we imagined to be an ore miner's strike.



I played Settlers last night, too!! Although there were a lot of 6s, 8s and 10s rolled, much to the shagrin of Scott - who built on a lot of 3s, for some reason.
I'm a big fan of Settlers of Catan. I even played some of the expansions but well, Settlers is fine on its own.
I tried the one about aliens once. It was kind of fun, but not quite as classic as the original.
i don't understand what this game is about. explain?
It is sort of like a board game version Sim City, except simpler and sort of pre-industrial.