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chair, apartment

wednesday recap : cedars

For those who found themselves worrying that I spent my Wednesday evening eating myself into a brownie-induced sugar coma, I can quell your fears by letting you know that I did not. Instead, I met up with some friends for dinner at Cedars.

As usual, the price to be paid for affordable and delicious food is the actual dining experience. The main hilarity involved miscommunication about our table. We asked for six, but asked to be seated once five arrived; this was interpreted as saying that we wanted a table for five. When the sixth guest arrived we had to put up a bit of a fight to get an extra chair and tablespace. But it really didn't turn out to be a big deal, and just added to the usual fun of being served by an endless supply of water pourers, waiters, and servers. I don't mean for this to sound all complainy, it's just part of the experience.

After dinner, a few of us went to see the Wedding Crashers. There were some funny parts, but it seemed too long for the story. Plus Rachel McAdams plays almost the same character that she did in the Notebook, and I think we all know how I felt about that film.


I saw Rachel McAdams in RedEye, which was a fun film, if you like claustrophobic thrillers (think Dead Calm). I didn't see The Wedding Crashers (although I thought about it, but better options emerged) and I didn't even know that The Notebook was a movie. Why, by the way, did you see it? You must have known.
The Notebook was the opening night selection for the 2004 seattle international film festival -- possibly the u.s. Premiere showing. A friend and I bought passes for all of the 'gala screenings' so we went without really knowing anything about they syrupy cliche we were about to see.
It seems so wrong that the film festival would foist it upon innocent, well-meaning patrons.
I thiink that there are a lot of corporate donors who get tickets to the Opening gala. Often this results in an opening night selection of something that is extremely non-offensive to the point of being horrible. Although, there are a lot of people who really liked the Notebook. To my extreme disbelief, it got "two thumbs up" on Ebert & Roeper's television show.