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another promotion from the remainders

Would "Do They Know It's Hallowe'en?" be so amazing if I didn't know who was singing it? Does it matter? Listen to the free streaming version and let me know what you think. [vice]

The list of contributors (and links to lyrics) is below the fold if you want to try a blind listen test.


1) I love the user icon.
2) I didn't look to see who it was, and really liked it - it reminded me of what'd happen if the B-52s got smooshed into Concrete Blonde. And since I don't know most of the people who made it*.... well, I'll just stay with that comparisson. :)

*I was stuck in gothland for a while, and am out of touch with other forms of music
I think that the people on the record are probably only famous within a certain demographic of indie rock people; so don't feel too bad.

Happy Birthday

Hope you had a happy birthday Mr. Bis!!