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i am not a stuffed tiger.

shopgirl trailer = indie yuppie awesomeness

Now I understand why everyone has been linking to it -- the trailer for Shopgirl [apple] is completely dreamy -- it features music from the Notwist, Explosions in the Sky, and Death Cab for Cutie. Claire Danes as the object of Steve Martin and Jason Schwartzman's affections in a movie based on Martin's novella.

While I'm swooning over the cast and soundtrack I wonder if the film will be any good. Has anyone read the book?


no spoilers

I read the book. I think Steve Martin should go back in the "being funny" business. I thought Shopgirl was pretentious... and when I read it, I had a gut feeling that Steve Martin wrote it for the sake of being able to play an older gentleman who (plot) (plot) with (plot). HOWEVER, the book is good in that it was memorable and I could easily imagine the scenes and I didn't get bored while reading it... so it's not like it was bad writing... just kind of pretentious.

Re: no spoilers

Interesting. I'm intrigued by the variety of responses that people have to the book. Maybe it's worth a quick read.