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i am not a stuffed tiger.

shopgirl trailer = indie yuppie awesomeness

Now I understand why everyone has been linking to it -- the trailer for Shopgirl [apple] is completely dreamy -- it features music from the Notwist, Explosions in the Sky, and Death Cab for Cutie. Claire Danes as the object of Steve Martin and Jason Schwartzman's affections in a movie based on Martin's novella.

While I'm swooning over the cast and soundtrack I wonder if the film will be any good. Has anyone read the book?


I read the book. It was fluff. It made me think "I can do that better." I have no idea whether it would make a good movie.
maybe a good fluff movie? it sort of looks that way from the preview.
Okay - what is that permalink thing? I think I accidentally clicked on it.

I read the book. It was awhile ago. I remember liking it, overall, though not thinking "this was the best book ever"! You know? I wonder what I did with it - it's got to be around here somewhere.

I should read it again before the movie.
the permalink is just the URL for this specific post, it's the same as the comment link. I didn't realize that this new journal style showed both permalink & comment; so I just removed that option.

Based on the wide variety of responses to the book, it might be worth a read before seeing the movie. It's only a novella; so it's not a big commitment!
Nope - it's short. And good news, I found my copy! I noticed it was published in 2000 so it's been 5 years since I read it, I'm definitely going to re-read it quickly. When does the movie come out?
I don't know. The trailer says "fall"
Randomly, the Entertainment Weekly was all about the fall movies, and it comes out Oct 21st.

the book is fantastic.

well. i guess you love it or hate it. but i think there's a certain affinity with what i like about death cab here.

not so sure about claire. i saw belle as more of a sarah polley character before i knew it was actually going to be made into a film. but in context/hindsight, no, that wouldn't work. this, i can see. the director's a bit of a wild card though.
*actually checks imdb*

_his dark materials_??!?!!!

i think this trend is going too far. and yet, i am intrigued.
hrmm. I'm not familiar with the Pullman series, but it does seem that the fantasy-type series is a hot commodity for film adaptation.

no spoilers

I read the book. I think Steve Martin should go back in the "being funny" business. I thought Shopgirl was pretentious... and when I read it, I had a gut feeling that Steve Martin wrote it for the sake of being able to play an older gentleman who (plot) (plot) with (plot). HOWEVER, the book is good in that it was memorable and I could easily imagine the scenes and I didn't get bored while reading it... so it's not like it was bad writing... just kind of pretentious.

Re: no spoilers

Interesting. I'm intrigued by the variety of responses that people have to the book. Maybe it's worth a quick read.