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brownie attack (2)

This is a picture of me eating a brownie. I'm sending it to my mom to prove that the [not-]Cookies by Design she sent this morning survived a day of being hidden behind my apartment and retained their edible deliciousness.


hey, happy birthday and all that.
Thanks! I generally like to pretend that my birthday doesn't exist, but pictures of me eating brownies really fits into this new narcissistic photo essay posting spree / theme I'm trying out.

who am i to judge?

(i don't know what could be more narcisstic than posting a comic strip in which i am the main character.)

also, the photo essay about renewing your license the day before your birthday was a pretty good hint that you do indeed have a birthday.

Re: who am i to judge?

well, I like to think of them as thematically linked.
definitely. it will be a challenge to pace myself and not eat them all at once.
that would definitely be challenging.
happy late birthday!