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d.o.l. adventures

more fun tagged with "dol" [flickr]
I didn't want to go to the Department of LIcensing on my birthday and I didn't want to pay a late renewal fee; so today was the big day to get a brand new license! Compared to the horror of obtaining a license in the first place, this was very painless.


The last time I went to the DOL, it was to get a replacement license after my wallet had been stolen. I waited for an hour or so, at which point I was issued my temporary license. I turned around to walk out the door, when, low and behold, Gary Locke appeared directly in front of me. He said, "Hello! Just checking out how smoothly things are running around here..." He then turned to me, shook my hand, and said, "Good luck, young driver!"
What a completely bizarre end to a probably really unfun d.o.l. visit! "Young driver" -- gary locke, ever the empathizer.
Yes, there's no denying the man has a way with words.