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This afternoon on the bus1, a family of tourists were looking for Kurt Cobain's grave. Of course, they didn't ask this directly. First the father figure asked me when the bus would get to Broadway. After I told him that the route runs along Broadway for about a mile, he then asked about where to find "the cemetery".

When I was unable to think of the location of even one Seattle cemetery, the daughter-type clarified with, "you know, Kurt Cobain". Because I wasn't absolutely sure, I didn't tell them that he wasn't buried anywhere in Seattle, but they were very frustrated that no one in town would tell them where to look.

I guess they didn't know that Cobain was cremated or the story that the Seattle cemeteries didn't want the gravetripping traffic, and that Courtney Love left some of his ashes at a Buddhist temple in Ithaca, scattered some in the Wishkah River and kept some for herself.2

1. the #49 [metrokc]

2. O.K., I didn't know all of this either.


I heard that she keeps his ashes under her bed or something like that.
I wouldn't doubt it. Poor courtney love ...
Ya know, you'd think that's the kind of thing you'd reserach ahead of time. Hell, they obviously reserached enough to know about the cemetary up next to Volunteer Park...

My thoughts exactly. I wasn't even sure that the 49 would take them to a cemetery. After looking around online, it seems that there's a memorial bench near kurt and courtney's house. Maybe that's what they were trying to find? Or maybe someone just sent them on a chase after a wild goose.

way off topic

What's this: ))<>((

Looks like goat.ce but I think it's music related?

Re: way off topic

It's from a scene in Me and You and Everyone We Know where one of the children goes into an internet chat room and thinks that it would be really sexy to write to the other person about "pooping back and forth forever." He uses that symbol to further explain.

You can get it on a T-shirt ( http://www.good-together.com/meandyou/ ).

Re: way off topic

Ah ah! I remember you posting a link to the shirt (and I wanted to comment there, so it would be more topical).

Thank you, O pop-omniscient Josh.

Re: way off topic

joe! i can't v=believe you haven't seen M&Y&EWK!! it is just your kind of film.

then you can join the rest of us in obsessing over ))<>((

Re: way off topic

one of the things that has (sadly) left my life since becoming a parent is going to the movies. I think I've seen 3 since the twins were born.

Re: way off topic

they'd love it--slow pacing, pretty music, video performance art. can't believe you haven't taken them yet!