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Today I went shopping for a meat tenderizer and a measuring mixing pint glass for a housewarming party. Nevermind that the guy has lived in this house for years now. The ladyfriend moved in a month or so ago and included registry information on the eVite; so it's a perfect occasion to buy a meat tenderizer, right?

It is hot here, again. Hot enough that I didn't even complain when the barista gave me a iced regular latte instead of an iced soy latte, because who really cares when it's 85 degrees outside and there's a cool caffeinated beverage there on the counter? Actually, I'm pretty sure that someone else took my drink inadvertently.

While I was waiting to ordering, some strange woman approached me to see if I'd be available to go on a vengance date with her tonight. Fortunately, the housewarming obligation prevented me from accepting. Apparently, showing up at whatever event with me would have driven her ex-boyfriend mad with jealousy. Who can really say?

But the housewarming itself was fine. Rachel, Carole, and I found our way out to Redmond and (re-)took a tour of the house and snacked on appetizers and stood outside on the patio without our shoes for a while.

Eventually it was time to meet Elena for dinner at Udupi, which is a place in Bellevue that serves South Indian food. Still, it is supposedly the only such place in the greater Seattle area; so it is worth making the trip to the mall to eat dosas and other tasty foods.
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