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chair, apartment


Today I went shopping for a meat tenderizer and a measuring mixing pint glass for a housewarming party. Nevermind that the guy has lived in this house for years now. The ladyfriend moved in a month or so ago and included registry information on the eVite; so it's a perfect occasion to buy a meat tenderizer, right?

It is hot here, again. Hot enough that I didn't even complain when the barista gave me a iced regular latte instead of an iced soy latte, because who really cares when it's 85 degrees outside and there's a cool caffeinated beverage there on the counter? Actually, I'm pretty sure that someone else took my drink inadvertently.

While I was waiting to ordering, some strange woman approached me to see if I'd be available to go on a vengance date with her tonight. Fortunately, the housewarming obligation prevented me from accepting. Apparently, showing up at whatever event with me would have driven her ex-boyfriend mad with jealousy. Who can really say?

But the housewarming itself was fine. Rachel, Carole, and I found our way out to Redmond and (re-)took a tour of the house and snacked on appetizers and stood outside on the patio without our shoes for a while.

Eventually it was time to meet Elena for dinner at Udupi, which is a place in Bellevue that serves South Indian food. Still, it is supposedly the only such place in the greater Seattle area; so it is worth making the trip to the mall to eat dosas and other tasty foods.


wait. there are shacking up registries??

it's not enough to have all of your stuff in one place so you don't have to drive home in the morning before work, because you have the wrong shoes?
Isn't it brilliant? The new revolution in gift requestery!
we spent so much time getting rid of stuff, because we had two of just about everything!

i think we really need break up/divorce registries. That's when you really need stuff!
Mayuri in the overlake area actually has South Indian food too. Although the dosas aren't great, or aren't as good as homemade, the aviyal is yummy. They also have my all time favorite Indian lunch buffet even if the quality has been slipping some lately.