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new television obsession

I was up until something like two in the morning last night watching the Battlestar Galactica miniseries on DVD. I really didn't mean to, but I assumed that it would eventually stop at a reasonable point since it must have aired as separate episodes. I rented it because I had heard that this new version was surprisingly good and when I saw part of an episode of the new season on television it looked good -- the aesthetic, the incredibly attractive cast, and the absence of the campiness from the original series; so obviously I needed to start watching from the beginning. Because I'm a completist like that, and watching a television series on DVD (or OnDemand, etc.) is fun.

And the miniseries turns out to be beyond decent. Now, I of course, need to watch the first season. Strangely enough, it can be purchased only at Best Buy until late September when a different version will be both for sale and for rent. My habit of getting obsessed with random things might just lead me to buy a copy and then try to sell it on the internet when I'm done.


It's a promo with Best Buy - they're bundling a Serenity preview DVD with it.

I really do want to see Season One, I just need to decide if I want to see it enough to shell out $50.
Well, you did it with Harry Potter, so why not download it and then buy or rent it later. Personally, I think the series proper outshines the miniseries. While you're at it, go for the new Doctor Who and Ricky Gervais's Extras .

(I never liked the original BG, nor did I ever get into Doc Who. How things have changed now that we're living in the future!)
I thought about it. If I weren't impatient and running low on disc space, I would just hunt down the episodes and watch them on my computer.

I don't remember what I thought about the original. It must have played in re-runs somewhere for me to have seen it at all.
The money you would spend on the box set might be enough to afford a nice big hard drive. I mean, I hate illegal downloads! Lots! I mean, to the degree that a lawyer looking at this post would say "I will not try to sue this person"... that's exactly the amount I hate illegal downloads. And not even the smallest amount more (or LESS! or LESS!).
the secondary problem is that the hard drive would need to be external, which seems less convenient. or for it to be more convernient, would require it to be more expensive.
I'm running about a week behind things right now (yay moving!), but on the off chance you haven't already found another solution, I've got all of Season 1 and what's been broadcast of Season 2 on my 'puter. Wouldn't be too terribly hard to drop those on a couple DVDs for you, if you'd like.
Thanks, but I ended up buying the first season from Best Buy out of impatience and they showed all of Season Two on Tuesday; so I'm all caught up! Now that I watched the series in its entirety in about a week, it will be hard waiting between episodes!
the funny thing about the miniseries DVD is that it includes a "lowdown on BG" featurette and the original "Apollo" appears in it. I only watched part of it, but he seems really angry about the new series. The old "Starbuck" seems much cheerier about it -- he even meets with the new "Starbuck" at a Starbucks to have coffee.