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they're back! return of fish terror.

Remember the frightening summer of 2002 when everyone was freaked out about the man-eating walking fish found in a lake near Washington, D.C.? And then, like so many "when animals attack!" summer news items, the story went away when the lake was poisoned?

So much for our false sense of security. Like any good bad horror movie, it's time for a sequel: the land-walking, air-breathing Snakehead has been found in a different lake. This time it's in Queens and it's hungry for prey:
The snakehead, a native of Asia, is a compact stalking machine packed with rows of sharp teeth, a torpedo-like body suited to darting out of hiding holes to chase, and catch, other fish and a voracious appetite that can lead them to devour every other fish in the lake or pond where they live. [nyt]

And it's just in time for a SciFi movie [#] about the monster fish. Almost as good as the hilarious promo picture, the sponsor of the website for the movie is the Department of Homeland Security's ready.gov.


Was that a real story? I mean, that walking fish? I never really heard it, but just heard of it (the news story). I assume it was not real.
I'm pretty sure that it is a true story. These fish exist. They can live outside the water. Walking might be an exaggeration, but I'm pretty sure it's real. Why do you think it's made up?
I don't know - I guess just because I keep hearing about it in weird ways (like on your livejournal) and never for real. It's like the whole snipe thing - let's go snipe hunting. Yes, there are snipes. And then you're the fool who thought snipes were real. Why would walking, air breathing fish be real?