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writing in the sky

i thought it might be fun to write an entry from the plane. this has been complicated by the absence of an internet connection. there should be a livejournal client that allows offline entries. so this is in WordPad. not nearly as much exotic as i'd hoped. i don't see a phone so this will be backdated.

today i woke up at 5 am for a 840 flight and scrambled to pack the rest of my things. i only forgot the most important items: my registration badge and the dvds i had planned to watch on the plane. driven to distraction i suppose.

when we take off, i could follow the airplane's shadow as it raced along the subdivisions and into the sound. the plane has a nifty feature for the geographically challenged showing a map and various progress statistics. i guess that the feature was implemented to simplify the flight attendants' lives.

now the map has been replaced by some sort of entertaining video that I'm ignoring. i guess a big map of the pacific probably isn't the most interesting thing to watch for five hours. even the clouds below that once resembled jellyfish have consolidated to a white plain concealing the ocean.

i'm fairly confident that airplane meals are meant to be some sort of test. maybe many tests simultaneously. on my vegetarian plate: a bagel, cereal, milk, applesauce, a banana, sugar, salt, pepper, strawberry jam, margarine, utensils, napkins, and a warm preparation of various grains, fruits, and vegetables. is anyone expected to eat this amount of food in a single sitting?

i entertain myself by eating half of the banana with a fork, adding strawberry jam to the slices. the milk, cereal, and applesauce go untouched. i feel guilty shunning the cheerios with their american heart association seal of approval. satisfied with my attempts to eat an appropriate amount of food, i make orderly stacks of the remains to maximize the already cramped space.

switching between computer, textual, and musical entertainment now. harper's monthly has a report, "the boy who loved transit" that is completely fascinating.


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