josh (joshc) wrote,

band names, zoology, calendars

In this month's Spin, Chuck Klosterman writes about the recent flood of "wolf" bands:
Wolf Parade . . . Guitar Wolf . . . Wolf Eyes . . . Wolf Mother . . . Peanut Butter Wolf . . . Animal Collective . . . We have entered the Golden Era of the Rock Wolf. But why has this happened? What do these bands have in common? What is the unifying lupine element? [spin]
Aside from the basic complaint that he includes Animal Collective in the list to score hip-points (instead of including Woelv or Steaming Wolf Penis, for instance), he really passes up a big opportunity to explore the cycles of animal named bands. Why, it seems like only yesterday that snake bands ruled the world with These Arms Are Snakes, Cobra High, the Charming Snakes, King Cobra, Snake River Conspiracy, Cobra Verde, the Snake the Cross the Crown, etc. etc.

What was it that turned the tide from snakes to wolves? Does it work like the Chinese calendar?
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