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fun game!! grandma memories!

O.K., so I'm supposed to be making a list of memories to include in a book for my grandma's 75th birthday. Yet, as the deadline approaches I haven't really come up with anything great.

Please share some grandmother-related memories (real or fake, related to my grandma, your grandmother, or a fictional grandparent).


I assumed it was your ad.
i'm smoove, but not that smoove :)

thanks, jerk.

my grandma when i was 5.

Re: thanks, jerk.

hmm. I might be able to work this in somehow.

Re: thanks, jerk.

while you're at it, throw in that when you were named after her she was kind of mad, because she never liked her name.

Re: thanks, jerk.

perfect -- that must be why people call me josh instead of dolores!

Re: thanks, jerk.

until NOW!
when my grandma babysat me when i was little on Friday nights, first we would go to the store and get TV dinners (fish and chips cause my grandpa always had fish on Fridays) and then after dinner we'd watch Golden Girls, Jeopardy, and TGIF.

golden girls!

that was a definite regular part of my grandparent experience. which is part of why I find its resurgence as a modern/gay/metro/whatever culture icon so mystifying -- it's a show that my grandparents watched! it just can't be (that) cool.

Re: golden girls!

that show is a modern/gay/metro/whatever culture icon now? that IS weird.

Re: golden girls!

I don't know if it still is. When I visited my friend a few years ago, he and his gay roommates were obsessed with it. They even called their back yard/porch the lanai.
My next door neighbor Helen was my surrogate grandma. She's amazing.
I could write something like, "even though I didn't have an amazing surrogate grandmother named Helen who lived next door because she was in Sacramento, it was awfully nice to have you living just down the street."
new look to your journal?

I don't remember much about your grandma except that she loves(d) her dog? Also that family seems important as she always went on trips w/you guys and seemed to be always around (in a good way).

My -own- grandparent related story is that I was just thinking I wouldn't be such a great cookie baker if it weren't for my grandmothers. They didn't teach me how to cook - forget that. But bake - wow! We were always baking cookies. And walking the Kalamazoo mall.

Good luck.

Re: youuuu

I turned mine in by the close of business on Friday! I think this was the deadline; so I made it in on time. Of course, I also mentioned both of these, but indirectly.

I don't think that Grandma would have gotten the joke of sumbitting other people's memories; so I left the suggestions out.