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stream the new sigur ros!

Has scenestars.net always been this great? Today, they are streaming [#] the new Sigur Rós album, Takk and, so far, it's really good.

I especially like the old timey music box themes and occasional inclusion of circus music. Go, listen!


scenestars is one of the only mp3 blogs i still frequent.

i just started reading you ain't no picasso, which i am really liking so far. maybe you will like it too.

really, i'm probably an indie-yuppie at heart

I think that scenestars hits the sweet spot of the kind of mainstream indie that I really like. Some of the others that I've looked at are way too intimidating in their pursuit of the edge of edginess. And a lot of the time, I just really want something that sounds great to listen to while I'm working (or avoiding work, as the case may be).

not like i can point fingers on that level

yeah, that's why i like you ain't no picasso — i'm really tired of sites that insist on posting the most obscure things they can find without stopping to consider that, well, they kind of sound like crap.

yanp seems to a lot more gee whiz! about music i already like anyway, which i find sort of endearing.

oddly, i found both sites in the same way — someone linked to a post each site had made full of really great covers. (the yanp version isn't too far down the page yet — it's called "now! that's what i call indie covers!" or something equally silly — and there are a couple of gems.)

Re: really, i'm probably an indie-yuppie at heart

today, you ain't no picasso recommends that seattle residents go to the SAM on thursday for a "free" math and physics club show, for instance:


Re: really, i'm probably an indie-yuppie at heart

that's not my kind of "free"

but I should buy a ticket or two to that KEXP Morning Show at Night.