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chair, apartment

this week, so far

Lately, I've fallen into the habit of getting into my office fairly late in the morning, which results in me staying into the early evening. This has the effect of avoiding most of the "beautiful" hot weather, which seems like a nice side-benefit as far as I'm concerned. All of this summer tends to induce Seasonal Affective Disorder.


The best thing that can be said about Monday's visit to the pub quiz is that we maintained a non-negative score throughout the proceedings. We also found our way to a booth; so we couldn't blame our poor performance on poor acoustics either.


On Tuesday, I was drawn to go to Sonic Boom to buy some CDs that I hadn't been able to bring myself to purchase from the Russian mafia allofmp3 site. This was also part of an effort to break my obsession with the last three tracks on the (Band of) Horses tour EP that I bought at the Block Party this weekend. So far, despite being nice albums Spoon's Gimme Fiction, the Arcade Fire's re-issue, and the Jens Lekman EP, haven't taken yet taken hold. I'll give it a few more listens.

Later, I met up with Peter and his girlfriend at Victrola where he showed off his superbright cameraphone flash, resulting in a ghostly picture of me. Because I couldn't allow myself to order a decaffinated beverage, I had plenty of energy to stay up late and catch up on my HBO watching. six feet under spoiler: is anyone else perversely happy that they finally killed off Nate? Unfortunately, I'm sure his ghost will still hang around to mope a bit.


Today. Nothing happened. Why don't you listen to some Horses at bandofhorses.com instead of wondering about all of the work that I did today? Or how about those awesome Bloc Party remixes from last week[scenestars]?


Gluh. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who has summer SAD.

-that Kelly person from SeaMetBlog ;)