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webcam madness

pictures from the cafe.




yeah. i couldn't resist the opportunity to make faces at the webcam.


cuteness. years ago, my mom used to sing at the hilton hawaiian village...PENGUINS! in hawaii. interesting.


how cool.

when my friends first told me about the penguins, i was so confused. they started out talking about how they saw a sea turtle while they were swimming in the ocean and then moved on to mention the penguins in the hotel. i was all, "i don't think penguins are indigenous to hawai'i" and was trying to figure out how they got there.

they were really funny and sad at the same time. when we walked past them late at night, they were still awake.

Are you on Kalakaua Street? I miss home! Glad you're having fun!


I think I was. It was across the street from Wave and about a block away from the Local Motion featured on the Real World.