josh (joshc) wrote,

laguna beach : not completely fake!

Is anyone else completely shocked to learn that Laguna Beach is really a reality show and not a staged reality show? Today's Gawker exposé totally blew my mind:
The shots are filmed from at least a block away — think Discovery channel-esque high-powered cameras — so that the kids can roam somewhat unencumbered by the multiple cameramen. But while the interactions on LB are all definitely “real,” they aren’t unspoiled by the long arm of the show’s producers. [gawker]
I think that it almost makes it less interesting, but I'm not sure why. I've only seen the show a couple times and I assumed that it was a scripted drama pretending to be a reality show created in reaction to a popular television drama in which the characters occasionally reference the fictional reality of the existing drama series.
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